The Wishlist (0): A Challenger Approaches

Whoops, I wrote a thing that isn’t about a game I’ve owned for seven years.

This was the first time I used a meme-maker am I good at it yet.

One disadvantage to starting a blog about games you’ve owned for a long time is that you start to get a craving to write about all the games you play.

Writing about games you own but have been meaning to play for years is a great motivator to actually try them, and even if I stopped now I’d be happy that I’ve done it at all. It does, however, occasionally get in the way of me playing video games I want to play but haven’t yet purchased (or are on Game Pass or Nintendo Online). For instance, I’d love to wax lyrical about the upcoming New Pokémon Snap, but without a Delorean, Tardis, or other time machine piloted mostly by fast-talking white people, it’d be hard to put that in my Backlog. Since this whole project is mostly for myself, I could probably get away with just making it a random blog post or something. But I’m me, so I came with a cute name.

Canadian he/him who likes video games, writing, and music; has more than one job, which isn’t this.