The Wishlist (0): A Challenger Approaches

Whoops, I wrote a thing that isn’t about a game I’ve owned for seven years.

This was the first time I used a meme-maker am I good at it yet.

One disadvantage to starting a blog about games you’ve owned for a long time is that you start to get a craving to write about all the games you play.

Anything I play that’s ‘new’ to me or my library is going to get written up as part of a series called The Wishlist. The first one comes out tomorrow and is on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which I played on EA Play via Game Pass for PC and oh god this is all going to become Netflix-Prime-Disney+ but with toxic gamer culture, isn’t it. The slow arc of late-stage capitalism points ever at repetition. Or to put it cheekily: the console wars are dead, long live the console wars.

Either way, basically from now on, any new addition that I’ve wanted to play is going to get a numbered post in The Wishlist, anything from my backlog is going to get a numbered post in that series, and anything I’ve already played that want to do a retrospective on will get stuck in The Backlog as an interlude.

If something doesn’t fall into those baskets, I don’t know, I’ll start a podcast or something.

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